Who's Who 2020


General Committee for 2020

(NB: Some photos to be updated)

President - Brian Russell

Treasurer  -  Brenda Lisney (photo to follow)


Assistant Treasurer - Chris Ballard

Secretary - Jan Kentish

Men's Captain - Geoff Izzard (photo to follow)

Ladies Captain - Rosemary Wilman

Men's Vice-Captain - Louis Pelosi (photo to follow)  

Ladies Vice-Captain - Diann Newman (photo to follow)

Men's Members Rep - David Rich

Ladies Members Rep - Sheila Brunning

Coaching Team (in alphabetical order)

Chris Ballard; Keith Gomm; Jan Kentish; Di Newman; David Rich; Rosemary Westcott



 Club Secretary   :          Janet Kentish (email)

 Men's  Captain   :          Geoff Izzard (email)

 Ladies  Captain  :          Rosemary Wilman (email)

 Match Secretary Men:    Keith Gomm  (email)

 Match Secretary Ladies: Diann Newman (email)

 Coaching Team    :        email contact


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Auriol Park

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Worcester Park


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